Product of the week – Solarlux



A new living space made completely from glass

With a wide range of shading and ventilation options, the Solarlux Wintergarden is the perfect solution to creating a light, spacious extra living space. Linking the inside of your house with the outdoor surroundings, this glass extension range not only expands and lightens a home, but also balances the temperature as the seasons change, to create the ‘perfect climate’. People are able to experience the changing seasons all through the year, as these extensions are thermally insulated meaning a very high energy efficiency.

The range is a favourite amongst architects due to the extensive list of options – from roof shapes, to colours and materials, each Solarlux Wintergarden is completely unique and made to compliment the existing architecture. Created in their factory in Melle, Gemrany, the unique glass extensions are designed specifically for their situation; to suit any roof shape and house style.

A slimline look is created with filigree rafters, to enhance the amount of light entering the home. The sophisticated technology enables large scale roof constructions with roof pitches from 5- 45 degrees. The Wintergarden also benefits from an automatic ventilation system, providing fresh air with minimum heat loss. The frame material options are Aluminium or Aluminium/ Timber. Insulation zones are designed precisely and integrated into all the joint areas so there are no condensation weak points.

Solarlux also manufacture bifolding doors and sliding systems, giving flexible opening options for their glass extensions. The Wintergarden can be designed to be transparent on all sides with the vertical elements strategically placed so that the view is never obscured. The sides can fully open up when required to enjoy fresh air and the surrounding space to its potential.


  • Individual Project Solutions
  • Wide Range of Canopy Shapes
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Flexible Opening Options
  • Automatic Ventilation.